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Academic recognition in Latvia of foreign education credentials

In which cases is the academic recognition of education documents obtained abroad necessary? 

You have an education document obtained abroad and you want to 

  • continue education in Latvia; 
  • work in non- regulated profession. 

If you have an education document obtained abroad and you want to work in Latvia in a regulated profession, then the recognition of a professional qualification obtained abroad is necessary. 

What documents must be submitted? 

  1. Application (sample application for private persons);
  2. A copy of ID document;  
  3. Education document (diploma, certificate, etc.) and its supplement (transcript of records); 

The application may be submitted by the owner of the education document, as well as by educational institutions, state institutions, employers, professional organizations. 

The application can be submitted in person at the Academic Information Center or electronically signed and sent by e-mail to   

If necessary, the Academic Information Center may request translations of documents into Latvian or another official language of the European Union and / or their legalization in accordance with the procedures specified in the Document Legalization Law

What is the academic recognition procedure? 

AIC evaluates the education document based on the following criteria: 

a) Authenticity of the education document; 
b) The status of the educational institution both in the country of registration and in the country where the educational program is implemented; 
c) Status of the acquired educational program (duration, degree level, accreditation, quality assessment, etc.); 
d) Place of the obtained qualification (diploma, degree, certificate) in the education system of the specific country, in the qualification framework, quality assessment, academic and professional rights, obtained credit points, etc.) 

AIC issues a statement on comparison of foreign education credential to Latvian one.  

The AIC statement is prepared within a month, if necessary, extending the term to 4 months. 

The AIC issued statement can be submitted to a Latvian educational institution or employer. 

This procedure does not apply to diplomas issued in Lithuania and Estonia after 7 January 2019. More information is available here

Who makes a decision on the recognition of education document? 

Based on the AIC statement, the decision on the recognition of the education document is made by: 

  • Ministry of Education and Science - for continuing education at the level of primary or secondary education; 
  • Higher education institution - for continuing education at the higher education level; 
  • Employer - for work in non-regulated profession. 

The decision regarding the recognition of an education document may be appealed in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the Administrative Procedure Law. 

How much does academic recognition cost? 

Examination of education documents obtained abroad is a paid service. The price specified in the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers is 41.00 EUR. 

Which Latvian law regulates it? 

Section 11.1 of the Education Law Recognition in Latvia of Education Documents Issued in Foreign Countries

Section 85. of Law on Higher Education Institutions Academic Recognition in Latvia of Academic Degrees and Education Documents Acquired Abroad