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Price list


Academic Information Centre (AIC) informs that on January 01, 2019 the Regulations No. 778 of the Cabinet of Ministers “The price list of foundation “Academic Information Centre” (adopted on December 11, 2018) entered into force.

Consequently, starting from January 1, 2019 the following types of paid services and prices have been added to the AIC price list:

  • The expertise of academic degree or foreign qualification (price per statement) – EUR 41.00* (forty-one euro 00 cents);
  • The referencing degrees and professional qualifications obtained in Latvia after graduating from a study programme, which implementation had been started before December 26, 2000 (when present degree and professional qualification regulations came in force) (price per statement) – EUR 21.41* (twenty one euro 41 cent).

From August 3, 2015 AIC will process the applications from legal entities and individuals (the recipient) for the services mentioned above according to the following procedure:

  • registration of the application on the date of its receipt;
  • provision of invoice for the examination of application not later than 24 (twenty four) hours from the application date**;
  • beginning to process the application on the date when the payment is transferred to the bank account of AIC;
  • examination and provision of statement within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of beginning of processing the application.

* Value added tax is not applied in accordance with the Law on Value Added Tax, Section 3, Paragraph 8.
** The recipient's application may be submitted to AIC by: - mail; - personal application; - express mail; - e-mail.

Internal regulations On the Price List of Foundation “Academic Information Centre” (in Latvian)