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Automatic Recognition between Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – AURBELL (1.08.2014-31.03.2016)


This project is implemented by the Academic Information Centre – Latvian ENIC/NARIC office (coordinator) in cooperation with Archimedes Foundation – Estonian ENIC/NARIC office and Center for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (SKVC) – Lithuanian ENIC/NARIC office.

The main aim of the AURBELL project is to analyse the legislation and practices of recognition in the Baltic countries and explore possibilities for easier academic recognition between Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. 

The other aim of the project is to revise and analyse the Agreement among the Government of the Republic of Estonia, the Government of the Republic of Latvia and the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on the academic recognition of educational qualifications in the Baltic Educational Space (concluded in 2000), and to prepare proposals for the improvement of the agreement taking into account possibilities of automatic recognition of qualifications between three Baltic countries.

The following activities are implemented during the project:

  1. Desk research and preparation of a comparative study report exploring education systems in the Baltic countries, legislation and procedures of recognition in order to analyse feasibility of automatic recognition procedures;
  2. Consultations and dissemination of results to discuss the findings of the study with the stakeholders and ENIC-NARIC networks;
  3. Proposals for automatic recognition in the Baltic countries to the ministries of education, first, regarding the amendments to the legislation and suggestions for further cooperation and, second, concerning the revision of the Agreement between the Baltic countries on recognition of educational qualifications (2000);
  4. An International conference to discuss and disseminate the results of this project.

The project AURBELL  is implemented with the support of EU Erasmus+ NARIC programme.

Results of AURBELL

Within the project a comparative study report "Automatic recognition between Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania" was developed.

EN version                                                LV version (without annexes)                        LT version (without annexes)

Materials from international conference "Automatic recognition: potential and challenges" are available here.

In terms of the project "Proposal for automatic recognition in the Baltic countries" was elaborated.