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Conference 13.06.2019

First international conference of the Erasmus+ project DASCHE:

“Meaning and role of social competence in higher education – voices of research and practice”

Bremen, 13 June 2019

House of Science, Olbers Saal and Kleiner Saal, Sandstraße 4/5, 28195 Bremen

Social competences are part of the national and European competence framework. They represent a desirable learning goal on all education levels. However, it is not defined well.

More than ever before rapidly changing working conditions and social structures require individuals who actively shape their role in society. Higher education institutions form future leaders for positions in society that require a high degree of responsibility. In response to that, higher education institutions provide specific programmes and strategic threads to realise related education goals. The DASCHE project intends to study which education offers have been developed by universities in Europe to develop such competences — we call them, broadly, social competences.

During the first DASCHE conference, we want to provide a platform for you to showcase your existing projects and ideas that already realise social competence teaching and learning not only focused on work and professional-related skills, but also on critical engagement, social consciousness and empowerment. We want to provide a space for discussion about the competing purposes of Higher Education that exist within current discourse and offer an opportunity for colleagues to engage in meaningful discussions about higher Education as a place of change.

Agenda available here

Conference presentations are here