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DIGI-AR project “Digital Tools for Implementation of Automatic Recognition”

Academic Information Centre participates in Erasmus+ Programme K3 activity “Support for Policy Reform” project “Digital Tools for Implementation of Automatic Recognition” (DIGI-AR), which is coordinated by Studiju Kokybes Vertinimo Centras – ENIC/NARIC Lithuania (SKVC, Lithuania).

Project implementation period: 1 February 2023 – 31 January 2025

Project No: 101101670

The project addresses the need for a trusted online information tool in line with six-party agreement between the Baltic States and Benelux Countries on the mutual automatic recognition of higher education qualifications. Regardless of the fact that recognition of qualifications will be automatic, the need for information on the qualifications subjected to this process, their comparability, the rights of the holder, and the status of the awarding institution and/or programme will remain.

Aim: Creation of a digital platform for implementing the bridging Baltic-Benelux automatic recognition treaty is a prerequisite for actual free movement of workers, academic and administrative staff within the EU.

Main objective: To develop a user-friendly digital tool (a portal), which would provide information on the qualifications falling under the treaty, including their comparability, the rights of the holders of this qualification, as well as offer a possibility to automatically generate and print out a comparability statement for a specific qualification.

Project activities:

  • Project management and coordination
  • Development of a portal to support the implementation of the Baltic-Benelux automatic recognition treaty
  • Collection and preparation of structured information to be provided on the portal
  • Dissemination of the project activities and its outputs

Project partners:

  • Studiju Kokybes Vertinimo Centras (SKVC), Lithuania (coordinator)
  • Academic Information Centre (AIC), Latvia
  • Stichting Nuffic (Nuffic), Netherlands
  • Agentschap Hoger Onderwijs, Volwassenenonderwijs, Kwalificaties En Studietoelagen (AHOVOKS), Belgium
  • Ministerium Der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft (MDG), Belgium