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Enhancing the use of mobility tools for recognition 

The project “Enhancing the use of mobility tools for recognition – EU-MTR” project is a follow-up of the previous European QFS – UHSE project “The use or potential use of qualifications frameworks (QFs) by higher education institutions (HEIs) and other stakeholders linked to mobility”. Its outcomes demonstrated the need to increase the use and the awareness of mobility and recognition tools and highlighted the importance for higher education institutions, public administration bodies and employers to be trained and informed on this topic and its evolutions.

EU-MTR project aimed at promoting the existing European recognition tools and facilitating academic and professional mobility of students and workers.

In order to achieve this goal, national trainings were carried out in the six participating countries (Croatia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and France). These trainings targeted different stakeholders: HEIs, employers, public bodies. A transnational seminar was also organised by the project coordinator on 28 May 2015 in France.

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of these events, an online survey was launched in September 2015. The final report presents the results of the survey and attempts to draw some findings and recommendations.

EU-MTR project was financed and technically supported by the European Commission, coordinated by the French ENIC-NARIC and brought together six ENIC-NARIC centers: Croatia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania and the Netherlands.