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SeARcH ENGINE – Strengthening Educational and AwaReness Campaign in Automatic Recognition for Higher Education Institutions – Engage-Inform-Implement

Project implementation period: 14.10.2020 – 13.10.2022

Project number: 619641-EPP-1-2020-1-CZ-EPPKA3-NARIC

In terms of Erasmus+ Programme, K3 activity “Support for Policy Reform” Academic Information Centre – Latvian ENIC/NARIC participates in project “Strengthening Educational and AwaReness Campaign in Automatic Recognition for Higher Education Institutions - Engage-Inform-Implement”.

Aim: strengthen and carry out the communication activities in automatic recognition, to enable the NARIC centres to focus on streamlining the automatic recognition and spreading the knowledge of the systems of education and qualifications in the European Union.

Main objective: The objective of the project is to help Member States of the EU to implement its commitments and create favourable environment for fulfilling the key EEA goals and Bologna principles.

Project activities:

  1. Information campaign which will raise awareness of automatic recognition for experts and students
  2. The seminars and webinars will be recorded and be accessible to general public on internet
  3. On-line instructional video on recognition policies for the EU
  4. Model guidelines on recognition of foreign education for HEIs and ministries and other stakeholders – 1 national case study

Project partners:

  • Czech Republic NARICs – steering group role
  • Latvian NARIC AIC
  • Italian NARIC CIMEA
  • Netherland NARIC – steering group role
  • Dum zahranicni spoluprace – administration and technical assistance

Project outcomes

......__________...SeARcH ENGINE......__________...
Communication Strategy to Raise
Awareness of the Automatic
Recognition of Foreign Education
for Higher Education Institutions

(October 2022)
Guidelines on the Automatic Recognition
for Higher Education Institutions

(October 2022)