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Information on accreditation terms of study directions

According to Paragraph 48 of the transitional regulations of the Law on Institutions of Higher Education, the accreditation term of study directions, the deadline of which expires in 2019, is extended until the date, on which the decision to accredit the study direction is taken or the decision to refuse to accredit the study direction is taken, but not longer than the following:

1. Until 31 December 2020, for the following study directions:
  • “Psychology”,
  • “Law science”,
  • “Economics”,
  • “Information and communication sciences”,
  • “Management, administration, and real estate management”.

2. Until 31 December 2021, for the following study directions:

  • “Mechanics and metalworking, thermal power engineering, heat engineering, and mechanical engineering”,
  • “Power industry, electrical engineering and electrical technologies”,
  • “Production and processing”,
  • “Architecture and construction”,
  • “Agriculture, forest management, fishing, veterinary medicine and food hygiene”,
  • “Health care”,
  • “Social welfare”.

3. Until 31 December 2022, for the following study directions:
  • “Arts”,
  • “Religion and theology”,
  • “History and philosophy”,
  • “Geography and earth sciences”,
  • “Natural sciences”,
  • “Chemistry, chemical technology, and biotechnology”,
  • “Physics, material science, mathematics and statistics”
  • “Information technology, computer engineering, electronics, telecommunications, computer management and computer science”.

4. Until 31 December 2023, for the following study directions:
  • “Education, pedagogy and sports”,
  • “Language and culture studies, native language studies and language programmes”,
  • “Translation”,
  • “Sociology, politics and anthropology”,
  • “Hotel and restaurant service, tourism and recreation organisation”,
  • “Transport services”,
  • “Environment protection”,
  • “Internal security and civil defence”,
  • “Military defence”.

It is not required to have new accreditation forms issued because the accreditation terms are indicated in the mentioned regulations