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PLS - Bulgaria


Guidelines for facilitating transparency and recognition through online course catalogues and databases

Peer-learning seminar

8 April 2022

Hosted by: National Centre for Information and Documentation (NACID) – Bulgarian ENIC/NARIC

Venue: online

Chaired by: Mr Kostadin Tonev, NACID

CET Topic
9:00-9:30 Opening of the platform
9:30-9:40 Welcome by Ms Vanya Grashkina, NACID (host organisation)
9:40-9:50 OCTRA project – aim and activities
Ms Baiba Ramiņa, director of Academic Information Centre – Latvian ENIC/NARIC
9:50-10:25 Comparison of OCTRA country reports – results and conclusions
Ms Līva Šmaukstele, Academic Information Centre – Latvian ENIC/NARIC
Case study: country report of Bosnia and Hercegovina
Mr Dženan Omanović, Centre for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education – ENIC of Bosnia and Hercegovina
10:25-10:45 State of art of higher education courses of the Technical University of Sofia
Prof. PhD Lyubomir Dimitrov, Technical University of Sofia (Bulgaria)
10:45-11:05.... Overview of the National Registers of higher education qualifications
Ms Guerguina Teofilova, NACID (Bulgaria)
11:05-11:15 Questions and answers
11:15-12:00 Lunch break
12:00-12:30 OCTRA project conclusions and draft guidelines about online course catalogues and other databases
Dr Gunta Kinta, Academic Information Centre – Latvian ENIC/NARIC
12:30-13:40 Chaired by: Ms Guerguina Teofilova, NACID
Panel discussion about the conclusions and draft guidelines from perspective of:
  • Project partners and ENIC/NARIC – Ms Hanna Reczulska, Narodowa Agencja Wymiany Akademickiej – Polish ENIC/NARIC
  • Project partners and ENIC/NARIC - Mr Kostadin Tonev, NACID
  • HEI – PhD Lyubomir Dimitrov, Vice-Rector of Technical University of Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • National authority – PhD Ivana Radonova, Ministry of Education and Science (Bulgaria), Co-chair of the Bologna Implementation Coordinating Group
  • HE sector – Dr Agnese Rusakova, ( Latvian Rectors’ Conference
  • Students – Mr Rūdolfs Aleksandrs Strods, president of Student Union of Latvia
13:40-14:00 Conclusions